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Cost Day Afternoon

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I’d like to tell you about a trading error as it’s happening in real time.

A couple of days ago, I bought MDB puts. They came out with earnings, and the stock soared. I dumped the puts the next day at a 50% loss.

I therefore have earnings-terror-on-the-brain. I thus sold my COST puts at about a 100% profit, even though I think the pattern is still dynamite. Thus, I am out of position, guaranteeing the stock collapses after the close today when earnings are announced.

Just sayin’.

Tick Tock Tilt

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In my video, I think I mentioned I had acquired a long position in puts on bonds by way of symbol TLT. I haven’t touched bonds in a coon’s age (as we say in my home state), but the run-up in prices was something I found to be irresistible. Unlike my other options positions, which expire many months from now, I got aggressive with this trade, acquiring January puts.

This chart of the long-term continuous contract of /ZB shows the fascinating trio of tops, followed by the massive and historic breakdown over the past year. In my view, the surge is at, or close to, an end.