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MY Charts. YOUR Trades.

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Let’s try this again, folks. I’ll share with you a cancellation I just got (even though my ideas are basically printing money these days)……….(click for easier reading; I’ve hidden his identity since I’m a good guy):

So the guy quit because I didn’t tell him when to exit trades. Two points:

  1. For the love of my personal savior Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, I am NOT here to give you entries and exits. My only purpose here is my brilliant charts (and cool chart platform). YOUR trades are up to YOU. I’m not going to tell you when to get out, when to get in, how you’re going to pay your taxes, what to get your wife for her birthday, or anything else. Are you seven years old? YOU are responsible for your trade executions. YOU, YOU, YOU!! Show me where on the site that I say I’m going to send you “notifications” when I get out? Jesus!
  2. Do you SERIOUSLY want to slavishly follow along as I exit positions prematurely, sacrificing untold profits as you do so? Surely you have more sense than that. (Tesla, Q.E.D.)