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Fed Spread Red

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A few days ago, I read a premium article over on ZeroHedge which went into great detail as to why the three components of what I call the Fed Spread – – most in particularly, the balance sheet – – which render all the Q.T. the Fed is doing moot. In other words, by their arguments, the market was going to roar higher this year anyway. I confess, I felt pretty empty-headed reading the article, because it didn’t really sink in, although it was enough to strike fear into this bear’s heart.

I was reminded of this just now, since it looks like our predictor of near-term S&P prices enjoyed a rise. It’s still beneath present price levels, but the gap is definitely getting smaller. Here are the three individual elements:



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It’s always amusing to me when a stock skyrockets on word that the company’s CEO is departing. It must be bittersweet for the guy, because he sees his wealth roaring higher while at the same time the planet is celebrating his departure. In any case, NFLX earnings are out, and the market doesn’t seem to know quite what to do with the information yet. I have no position, so I’m just an amused bystander.