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The 1812 Overture

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If I may indulge in a bit of escapist fantasy (and I’ve probably made it quite clear this so-called market is something I’d quite like to escape, or at least exchange for a real one). Here’s my dream scenario:

  1. This ridiculous political theatre leads to some kind of bargain;
  2. The market, trained like a mass of imbeciles to rally on what is touted as good news, does so;
  3. The /RTY pushes its way back up to 1827 or thereabouts, which is a major point of resistance;
  4. I get the opportunity to load up on puts again at good prices;
  5. The market realizes it’s been had (again) and starts selling off for weeks

NVDA Target More Than Achieved

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As Nvidia approaches $800 billion in “value” and a P/E of 200, I wanted to share with you a simple fact of classic pattern analysis: the target price for this extraordinarily well-formed inverted H&S pattern was $300. We have met (and exceeded) this level, which I’ve tinted in green, and we’re now just a few percentage points below the lifetime high achieved in November 2021 during the peak of post-Covid mania.