Do You Want to Know a Secret?

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I hate tech bubbles.

No, that’s not the secret. Everyone knows that. The secret I am referring to is a company named, literally, Secret. And the existence of this company, as well as the easy $6 million its co-founders pocketed when they shuttered the place, is absolutely symptomatic of this bubble-of-bubbles we are living in (the third one of the past fifteen years, incredibly).

I didn’t even know Secret existed, because I’m too old to spend my time worrying about every new little app that comes along that lets teenagers engage in cyber-bullying and exchange  dick pics. It’s just not my cup of tea. But I happened to stumble across this article yesterday, which was headlined:


Now a startup shutting down isn’t any bigger news than someone finishing a satisfying lunch somewhere, but the “Ferrari” mention intrigued me, so I read further.


Clinkle is the New Color

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Greetings from Palo Alto. Over three years (and thousands of posts……) ago, I wrote Color and the Mania in This Valley. The thrust of my post was:

+ had received $41 million to develop an app;
+ The app sucked out loud;
+ The company deserved to fail.

Well, fail it did (as I announced in the 4th post I did about the stupid place), and in those three+ years, the bubble has just continued to inflate. 2014 makes 2011 seem downright sensible. (more…)

Forty-One Million Dollars in Deckchair Rearranging

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Yes, it's my fourth post on the poster child for Silicon Valley VC retard-excess,

I was reminded of them simply because I was strolling downtown, getting a milkshake for my son, and I thought I'd peek in to see how things were going at the firm which got $41,000,000 in funding without so much as a PowerPoint presentation. Here's the photo I just took:



The Silicon Valley Top

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Late last year, I paid a visit to Josh Brown ("The Reformed Broker") and had a pleasant chat. I went to his blog a week later and put up a comment, shown below, stating my belief that Facebook's IPO day would mark an important turning point in the market.

I forgot all about this, but totally by chance, a few days ago, I re-visited that comment and I saw that someone had put in a snide reply.


Errr, actually, Facebook only goes public one time, so I'm not sure how I could make such a declaration "a lot". It's a specific day, and I do believe that Facebook's IPO will be a seminal event. There's only one Facebook, and it has only one IPO. It's not like there are twenty other Facebook-equivalents waiting behind it, and because of the public's fascination with this offering, I do believe it'll mark a tipping point.