Pao Wow

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The latest news in the Silicon Valley legal soap opera around Ellen Pao appeared late yesterday: the Superior Court ordered Ellen Pao to cough up $276,000 to pay Kleiner Perkins for part of their legal fees spent defending themselves against her sex bias lawsuit. As you’ll recall: (a) she sued them (b) they offered her a million bucks to settle; she said no (c) she lost the suit in a very public fashion (d) they sent her a million dollar invoice and offered to waive it if she didn’t file an appeal (e) she appealed anyway (f) she lost the legal fees ruling.


Of course, the Pao legal team is declaring this a victory, since Kleiner wanted about four times this amount, but in my opinion, it would seem that Pao’s strategy during this entire case has worked against her.

Pao! Pao Pao!

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Some folks just don’t know when to quit.

Ellen Pao, as you’ll recall, sued VC legend Kleiner Perkins for discrimination. Before the trial, KP offered her nearly $1 million as a settlement. She refused.

She went on to lose the case. KP then presented her with a $1 million demand for legal costs, which they said would disappear if she promised not to appeal.

So now she’s appealing.

I think she embraces risk and shuns reward. It’s a strange approach.


The Surprising Demise of Reddit

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Well, it seems Ellen Pao managed to step in yet another bucket of syrup.

This is going to require a bit of back-story……….

Some people on the Internet really go for quantity. On their Twitter account, they follow hundreds of people. On Facebook, they connect with thousands of “friends.” And in their browser, they visit dozens of web sites each day.

I tend to be a minimalist. I have precisely 100 friends on Facebook. If I decide I really want someone to be a friend, well, someone else is going to get the boot. On Twitter, even though I have over 13,000 followers, I follow only 8. And as for web sites, there are only three sites I visit repeatedly each day: Slope of Hope, ZeroHedge, and Reddit.


Weekend Paper

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My little town of Palo Alto has only one daily paper: the Palo Alto Daily Post. It’s free, and it’s a bit of an obsession of mine. I normally can’t stand local papers (I stopped my subscription to the San Jose Mercury News and the SF Chronicle in 1990), but the Post is special (and the free price helps). As you might guess, literally about 60% of the space these days is real estate ads.