Palo Alto Outdoes Itself

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As many of you know, the real estate market in Palo Alto has been going bananas for years, particularly recently. I’ve written about this phenomenon here, here, here, and – my favorite – here.

I’ve lived in Palo Alto since 1991, and at the time, it was a terrible stretch for the very-young Tim to buy a house in town. In retrospect, it was one of the greatest (and few) “long’ positions of my life, since it’s worth about twelve times what I paid for it back then.

I sure wish I could buy a put option on it, though, because we’ve got to be at some kind of zany top, given the front page headline on this morning’s Daily Post. Here ya go:



The Best of the Best (Part 1 of 3)

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Preface: 2015 was a dynamite year for the Slope of Hope. Some of the year’s highlights:

  • The celebration of our 10th anniversary;
  • A surge in the popularity of Slope Plus, our subscription-based offering
  • A king’s riches in fantastic posts from many authors, the best of which I am highlighting during this long weekend. (Slope has had literally tens of thousands of posts in its lifetime).

Here are today’s highlights, some of which you might want to re-read. This took a huge amount of time to put together (to say nothing of the time it took to write the posts in the first place), so I hope you enjoy it.

  • The Charlie X Solution – my response to the Charlie Hebdo killings. I think this is some of the finest writing I’ve ever done. Sadly, the world has not taken me up on my brilliant plan.
  • Perfect Palo Alto – in which I examine the hiring of guards at the train tracks to try to reduce the number of Palo Alto high school students throwing themselves in front of locomotives.
  • Learning to Learn – some lessons I took away as I tried my hand at binary trading.
  • Top Tick Tyler – in which I rant about how ZeroHedge seems to inadvertently call major turning points, and how their dire predictions really never come true.
  • Relativity – a very interesting success story about how my method of trading was able to prosper in the face of what seemed like very dire circumstances.
  • The Time Warp Again – if I may say so, an incredibly good post about how much the Silicon Valley has changed since when I was in my teens.
  • Ten Years of Hope – celebrating Slope of Hope’s 10th anniversary
  • Negative Interest – in which I despair about my almost total lack of interest in the market at the time. Not surprisingly, this was almost exactly the peak of the entire world of equities.
  • It’s Not Getting Any Smaller – my take-down of gold kooks who used this tired phrase as an excuse for their lame-ass, always-goes-down investment.
  • Do You Want to Know a Secret? – wherein I tear apart another idiotic startup.
  • God As a Dog – a tear-jerking post about the death of my beloved Kobe. Tissues required.
  • Transports Less than 2% Away From Failure – here I call for the Dow Transports to begin dropping hard. I, umm, was correct.
  • Silicon Shark Jumps the Shark – a brilliant overview of the so-called Startup Castle. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link, and it goes straight to a 404 page. Figures.

Well, get busy – – go read those that look enticing!