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SPYing a Pole

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There has been such focus on trying to understand how shallow or deep the upcoming correction might be, I thought I’d jump into the fray of prognostications.

The whipsaws that are occurring on a daily basis in the indexes is more reminiscent of a top formation rather than a normal, mild correction.  Time will tell of course, but we can look to the charts to see how far of a fall we can expect if there is a draw down ahead. (more…)

GDX Bottom Is In

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It has been a little while since I’ve done a post here, but the returns in the model portfolio have been steadily rising.  We are now up 8.4% since February.

With gold finally waking up over the last couple of days, I thought it was high time that we checked on the how GDX was doing technically.  Specifically, I wanted to figure out what the chances were for further downside movement, or whether GDX had formed a bottom and it was time to jump in. (more…)

SLV Slams Into A Pole – Slippage Ahead

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Since Tim talked about precious metals, specifically the kooky idea of going long them, I thought I would do a follow-up to the volume hole entry SLV made a few days ago.  My expectation at the time was for further declines, possibly down to $17.50.  Well, Mrs. Market promptly slapped me upside the head with today’s surge across everything precious of the metal sort.  I was stung enough to return to the chart and see what near-term outlook presented itself. (more…)

Sliver Slips Off Its Pole And Enters A Hole

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This post may draw the ire of precious metals trumpeters on Slope (ahem – “Kooks” – editor), but silver looks exceedingly vulnerable to me here, at least in the intermediate term.  It has already slipped off the small volume pole that was holding it around $22.50 and is now solidly in a volume hole.  I don’t see much stopping SLV from getting down below $20, at which point it will find a home in the $17.50-18.50 range for a bit.  If it slides off that pole too, we will hear a collective liquid metal scream.


What would give me pause is that SLV is well into oversold territory on the 5-day RSI and also on the 14-day RSI.  There is little to stop this from getting down to $17.50-19.80, however.

SQNM Riding The Volume Pole

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Hello fellow Slopers!  I have been a longish-time lurker (about 4 years now) and was recently anointed by Knight Tim to contribute by writing articles.  Since this is virgin territory for me on SoH, please be kind, gentle Slopers.

I have been playing SQNM for a quite a while and published some fundamental analysis here here and played its earnings here here for a nice meal.  Now I’m going back to the same trough to pick up some more scraps. (more…)