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Do Companies With More Women Leaders Outperform?

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Image of women corporate execs via James Thompson's blog.

Is There Alpha In Gender Disparities?

The conventional wisdom for years, as this Harvard Business Review post exemplifies, has been that having more women as senior executives and directors would improve corporate performance. It appears that this may be untrue. I elaborate below, and discuss whether awareness of this may be a potential source of alpha. (more…)

Crash Protection For Tesla

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Piper Jaffray Raises Tesla Target

On Talk Markets Thursday, The Fly noted that Piper Jaffray had raised its price target on Tesla (TSLA) to $386 per share. Portfolio Armor is currently more bullish than Piper on Tesla; our site estimates shares could hit $413 in 6 months. Historically, actual returns have averaged about 0.3x our site’s potential return estimates though. (more…)

A Hedged Bet Against Small Caps

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Another 3x Bearish ETF Appears In Our Top-10

Happy New Year, Fellow Slopers.

I just saw a 3x bearish ETF (TZA) pop-up among the ten highest-ranking names on Portfolio Armor‘s daily ranking of optionable stocks and exchange-traded products by potential return net of hedging cost. Usually, it’s just stocks in that top-10, but the last time an ETP appeared there it was another bearish ETF, YANG. I posted about that here in November (“A Hedged Bet Against China“), and since then, YANG has gone on a decent run. Maybe something similar will happen with TZA? Just in case it goes pear-shaped, though, I’ve posted a hedge for it below. First, a quick look at how YANG has done since our November post on it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.09.47 AM

Background On How We Calculate Our Ranking (more…)

A Hedged Bet Against China

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Every trading day, Portfolio Armor ranks all of the hedgeable stocks, ETFs, and other exchange-traded products in the U.S. by its estimate of their potential return over the next six months, based on an analysis of price history and option market sentiment. Then it subtracts hedging costs, and ranks them all by potential return net of hedging costs, or net potential return. It’s a method of security selection we backtested 25,412 times over an 11-year time period during which it generated solid returns, on average.

On Thursday, the highest-ranked ETF, and the 7th-ranked security overall, was the Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X Shares ETF (YANG), a triple-levered bet against China, with a potential return of 13.6% over the next six months.

As of Thursday’s close, you had a shot of capturing that potential return, while limiting your downside risk to 13.6% – and getting paid to hedge – by using the optimal collar below: (more…)

Two Ways Of Hedging Disney

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Dying To See Star Wars

One of the trending hashtags on Twitter in recent weeks was #ForceForDaniel, a campaign to get an early screening of the new Star Wars movie for a dying fan, Daniel Fleetwood. Director J.J. Abrams had the film screened for the man at his home, as The Verge noted below.

It wasn’t the first time, incidentally, that Abrams accommodated a dying fan: In 2009, he gave the late Randy Pausch (of Last Lecture fame) a cameo in his Star Trek reboot.

A Boost For Disney  (more…)