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Tulips and Transports (by Goatmug)

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Late last month I penned a posted titled, "5% Drop in the Transports Dead Ahead".  Like many of the posts that I hang out there, the HFT bots must have read the headlines and conspired to make me look a bit foolish on timing as the market has been able to tread water and the transports didn't immediately lose 5% with 3 minutes of posting like it should have!  


Seriously though, as soon as I posted it, I began to look at the action in the transports over longer time frames and make some notes that I wanted to share.  The first point I wanted to show is that the transports are important!  There is a pretty strong relationship between the transports and the stock market, and darn it, between the real economy too.  While I remind myself daily that the stock market is not the economy and the other way around, in longer term time frames the economy does matter to the market.  Ben Bernanke seems to think so as well, since he believes strongly that the market can drive the economy.  If he didn't, he wouldn't have spent trillions increasing his balance sheet to buy treasuries and MBS to make everyone feel like the economy is better.  Remember, feelings may lead to reality….he hopes.


Pour Some Money On Me – Silver Update (by Goatmug)

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Long-time readers of the blog know that I have shared some of my deepest thoughts and closely held dreams.  As you know, before I became a blogger and market watcher I wished to live the care-free life of an 80's hair band lead guitarist.  Shredding on my flying V, wearing leather pants and studded arm bracelets, and causing my loyal fans to head bang in rhythm could certainly be listed as my greatest desires in life.  This week's market news reminded me of those memories of long ago and I recalled the song of a band I didn't like that much.  These guys weren't hardcore like me, but they were obviously big time and therefore were able to define the 80's heavy metal movement.  Speaking of heavy metal, what is up with silver?


May Macro Update – Hurry Up And Get To The End (by Goatmug)

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The good thing about time and uncertainty is that as time passes, uncertainty also usually fades away.  I have found this to be the case in so many areas of life, especially in dealing with the family situation I've been a part of for the last couple of months.  I typically like to have a good plan (guess) of what will happen and then I like to make small adjustments to the plan as reality unfolds.  I stress out when the number of variables are so large that I can't truly grasp what will ultimately happen.  As you get closer to specific dates or milestones, your choices tend to be reduced and your actions are often dictated by one or two choices rather than ten or eleven.  Oddly, that has been the scenario we've all been investing and trading in for the last several years.  Will we wake up with a "fat finger" flash crash event, will another big black swan hit the markets destroying what is left, will Europe's experiment with the Euro finally be ended?  Each day I've wondered how will these events happen and what will the resulting impact be on us.  The trouble with trying to really dig into these uncertainties from afar is you'll have so many unanswerable questions and scenarios that you'll drive yourself crazy attempting to create contingency plans.


Let Paper Be Our Fuel – Gasoline Update (by Goatmug)

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The seasonal gasoline trade has been my target for the last two years and so far they have been quite profitable.  I've highlighted trades in WNR, VLO, and UGA and all have done well.  As I have laid out previously there is a seasonal component to this trade, but it is also one based on the view that Benny has our back and he and his central banker pals are finding ways to goose the global financial system through their respective liquidity providing measures.  (Explicit or not).  As they go to work making sure that no civilization is ever short on paper or electronic currency, this forces things with real tangible value like commodities to move higher.


Last year around the time the Tunisian riots began to break out I suggested that our Fed could be directly and indirectly to blame because global food prices were sky-rocketing and starving people have little choice but to rise up and take action.  I coined the phrase the Fedolution as we can give the credit or rest the blame for the Arab Spring's spark largely with the Federal Reserve.

As we fast forward, incarnations of Fed action have resulted in a continued liquidity driven asset frenzy that has spilled into other commodities.   Since early 2011 we seen hard asset prices bounce around, but thanks to a significant rebound in December 2011 and January 2012 we see that almost all commodities move higher significantly.  Our economic measures suggest that price inflation is really almost non-existent according to the Fed's definition, but somehow we find that domestic gasoline prices are at the highest level for a January ever.