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Not Guilty

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This morning’s paper re-ignited my interest in the only family here in town caught up in the nationwide college admissions scandal. As many of you know, those nabbed in the scandal now fall into two camps: one of which is those, such as Felicity Huffman, who pled guilty, expressed contrition, and are awaiting their (reduced) punishment, and two, those like Lori Loughlin who have dug their 4″ heels in and are refusing to admit that half-million dollar bribes are perhaps not totally legit.

The folks here in Palo Alto are fairly small potatoes: the man is an oncologist (who faces the loss of his livelihood due to this mess) who allegedly paid $25,000 to have his apparently retarded son get an 1190 on the SAT by way of fraud. Here’s how the article begins:

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