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Make Something Wonderful

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With the /ES up 0.08% and the /NQ down 0.06% as I type these words, there is no way I’m going to chime in on the weighty importance of these meaningless moves. We might be bored stiff for a while. In the meantime, I offer to you good news about a book I’ve been anticipating a long time: Make Something Wonderful, a “Steve Jobs experience” you can read online for free. You’re welcome!

It Is Accomplished

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Since today is the most important day of the Christian calendar, I thought I’d share a snippet from my first novel, Solid State, in which I offer some of my own perspective about religion. This is in the final chapter of the book, and the conversation is between the ostensible bad guy of the story and an elderly man he has met during his travels. It takes place in a seedy bar in the middle of the day.

Mac turned to his companion and said, “Kyle, I want to thank you again for helping me out. I must have been out there a full half hour, and not a soul even checked on me. Cars, mostly. They whizzed right by. Bicycles too! It’s like nobody even cared.”


Paperback Writer

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In the few days since my novel Solid State was published, I have been very pleased at the reviews tumbling in, although I get very uneasy reading nice things about my work (which I guess proves I’m English after all). Here are some snippets:

Tim’s uncanny, broad, awareness of what is happening all around us, on a daily basis; combined with his grasp of history, brings a powerful message via this, his first novel.

Lumen Lux

Fantastic! A well structured ride that keeps giving. It’s refreshing to have smart action back in vogue. I hope this is just the beginning of his fiction writing.

J. Martin

This is a must read for any fan of financial markets, macro economics, and geo-political developments. Tim certainly knows his history, and he is a tremendous chartist, superb trader, and now successful novelist!

Mike P.

They sold out of the hardcover on the day it came out, but there are still paperbacks available (and obviously they’ll replenish the hardcover soon). Here is the link to the Amazon page.

For those of you who are not subscribers yet, I’ve got a very special offer: if you sign up for the Gold package, I will send you an autographed copy of the hardcover book (since I still have some!). Hell, you could even cancel after a month, and you’ve only paid the retail price for the book and got your membership for free! (Of course, I hope you’ll see enough value to stay put for a while).

If you’d like to do this, click here to sign up for Gold, and drop me an email to tell me where you’d like me to send you a signed hardcover copy of my book. Thanks!