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Heads, Shoulders, and Feet

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I’m no Luddite. All my life, I have enthusiastically embraced great new technology. Macintosh in early 1984. My first Tesla in 2011. Netflix in the 1990s. Google in 1997. Amazon during their earliest days. I know good technology when I see it. Hell, the book I wrote in 1982 predicted with breathtaking accuracy the Internet and its implications. So I’m not some old man chasing kids away from his lawn with a cane. I know tech.

Yet I’ve always felt the need to piss all over the crypto scene. Cryptos are a solution in search of a problem. The best they were able to conjure up was that Ethereum was going to be the way that everyone created contracts. Uh-huh. Let’s check in to see how the Ethereum revolution is going.


Where’s the Outrage?

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James: Hey, Tim, do you want to know how to make a small fortune from cryptocurrencies?

Tim: Sure, James, how DO you make a small fortune from cryptocurrencies?

James: Start with a large fortune!

{rim shot}

Tonight, as I’m watching the crypto space continue to do what it has been doing for the entirety of 2018 – – that is, fall in value – – I am reminded of those ads which absolutely flooded the Internet late in 2017. Surely you saw them. There were dozens of flavors of this ad, but they all pretty much looked like these: (more…)

Gold’s Kill Zone

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There is nothing bullish happening on the gold and silver charts. Nothing bullish on the miner Index/ETF charts. Nothing bullish on the HUI/Gold ratio. In other words, when it comes to a segment as volatile and sentiment-dependent as the precious metals, we are in the kill zone.

That can be read a couple of different ways. First, the inflationist gold bugs are getting exterminated as the US dollar first rose and since has stubbornly refused to take a pullback.

But the time to buy the gold sector is pretty reliably when the bugs are dead or at least hiding deep in the woodwork; so deep that you’d not even know they are still there. Just as you should have caution when gold bugs are trumpeting loudly, you should be brave when they are in full retreat… or worse, dead. (more…)

FOREX Charts Now LIVE!

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Yes, it’s another major improvement for SlopeCharts,  and it’s live and ready to use by everyone.

SlopeCharts gives you the ability to create a chart of any currency compared to any other currency. This is far more flexible than most other systems, which limit you to a handful of popular foreign exchange rates. With SlopeCharts, you simply choose whichever two currencies you want from 156 different choices, which means that tens of thousands of different charts are possible.

Using this function is quick and easy. First, choose the Currency Converter from the menu:


Deep Thoughts

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It was, as is my habit, an early morning for me. Weekday or weekend, I get up before the sun. I walked to the library of this magnificent place we’re staying in Healdsburg, alone, since most people have the good sense to sleep in late on a Sunday, and I was intent on writing about something which has been on my mind a few days.

The shelves of the library were filled from end to end, and I was drawn to one particular pair of shelves which seemed surprisingly homogenous. On the spine of a book it stated: HARVARD CLASSICS and, beneath that, THE FIVE FOOT SHELF OF BOOKS. There were dozens of them, all numbered and arranged sequentially, with various public domain classics from the past couple hundred years of writing. I suspect someone bought it years ago from one of those Sunday newspaper magazines for folks that wanted to appear erudite by filling their nude shelves with impressive-looking volumes. The capitalized declaration was, for me, more like an intellectual pratfall. (more…)

Intraday Charts Now LIVE in SlopeCharts!

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SlopeCharts is my pride and joy, but we are always making improvements and adding new features. I have asked you folks from time to time what you want to see most, and the most common answer was always the same: intraday charts (that is, minute bars).

Well, I am delighted to tell you they are here, they are live, and they are ready to use right now. Now, before I go any farther, I want to say something I’ve been saying a lot lately, which is that as we keep piling on new features, they are either getting thrown to PLUS users or, more commonly, I’m letting everyone use them. This is a temporary circumstance. Later this summer, if all goes as planned, I am going to be introducing multiple levels of service (not just PLUS, which will be renamed) and a whole bunch of features are going to get sequestered to those various levels. So don’t yell at me when they jump behind a paywall. For now, however, it’s free for the taking.

To get an intraday chart, just choose the bar size you want:


Two-Handed Tuxedo

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We awake this morning to an interesting bifurcation in the market.

On the one hand, we have a market poised to explode to new lifetime highs on a virtually daily basis. It has many things going for it. (1) ALL news, no matter it is, from nuclear war to new toenail-clipping technology, is interpreted as good news for the market (2) Many important indexes have experienced lifetime highs or, if not that, breakouts above resistance trendlines (3) the S&P 500, represented by the /ES chart below, has finally conquered its February 1 price gap, and there is a powerful bullish pattern beneath this horizontal which has the market poised for what seems to be a powerful vault higher.

On the other hand, there’s Dennis.


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I’ve been working almost my entire life. I have done so because I have almost always been able to labor at something I love.

This web site has been my life for over thirteen years. Far longer than that, however, have been the books I have written. I wrote my first nationally-published book at the age of 16, and I am going to be releasing my 25th book in a few weeks. I consider it my finest work, and a large number of Slopers have kindly volunteered their time to proofread it (note to that group: hang in there, it’s coming).

Each of these books has been dedicated to someone important to me. I have been considering the appropriate person to whom to dedicate what I consider my latest, greatest book. Who has loomed large in my life? Who has always been there for me? And then, on Friday the 13th of all days, it hit me.

And it’s this guy: