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So Like I Said

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Read the post from TWO DAYS AGO, which declared:

The bullish base on the ES is just as clean. There are easily another 40 points of pain in store for the bears. Let’s face it, the market has been beaten to smithereens, and Monday’s powerful bounce could be just the beginning of something larger. To be clear, I think we’re in a bear market, but countertrend rallies are just part of life when it comes to bear markets. They’re vicious, violent, and quick. The measured move on the ES is something a little north of 2710. 

And I showed this:


Well THIS Didn’t Age Well……….

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And what is it with Cordier and cufflinks? Some kind of weird affectation? I’m putting an effort to be wearing pants on most work days.

The Full Renaissance Bit, Really

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Well, as we revel in the glow of a fully-functional website (cough cough cough), let’s enjoy what is perhaps my favorite Monty Python bit of all time.

The Only Antidote

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Let’s force ourselves to take a break – – just a short break – – from elections, markets, and charts, to drink in one of the best moments in movie history. I for one do not think that the band was down. I think the problem may have been…that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed. By a dwarf.


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One of my favorite movie clips ever, and one which perfectly summarizes how I feel about elections

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