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Dealing with Losing

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Ha! I’ve managed to sneak in a brilliant George Carlin bit under the guise of a trading-related article. But seriously, this shows the brilliance of the man (and this was early in the 80s, before his genius had fully peaked). It’s just bang, bang, bang, one joke after another. There must be about fifty of them in here. Just perfection.

Three Out of Four

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Most of you know I’m a big fan of good comedy. This video came up on my YouTube feed, and it struck me that 75% of the panelists are already dead. And they all died in their early 40s – Ralphie May at 45, Greg Giraldo at 44, and Patrick at 41. It’s incredible that a chubby, pot-smoking guy like Jeffrey Ross is the survivor among the four. But, sheesh, a 75% death rate – – combating the Taliban by yourself in Afghanistan probably has a higher survival percentage.