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Full of Hot Air

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Let me preface this piece by saying I love ZeroHedge and have read it every day, without exception, ever since it appeared almost ten years ago. I think they provide a tremendous service, and I’m quite sincere in saying I wish they’d be given a Pulitzer Prize at some point for their bold reporting.


I’ve come to notice over the years that if there’s a particular potential disaster looming, our friends at ZH tend to hype it to the ceiling. In fact, it seems the more they hype it, the more of a nothing-burger it becomes in the end. Witness the reporting about Hurricane Florence this week……..


Fake News Was Predicted

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From over thirty years ago, a favorite movie of mine – – Talking Heads’ True Stories – – seems to have neatly predicted the world we’re living in today, as well as its conspiratorial paranoia. (“You got your CBS. And your ABC. You got Time and Newsweek. They’re the same to me.“) Once again, life imitates art.

Oh, I See

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This morning, I was delighted to see the screen covered in red. A Sloper made the snarky remark that me declaration of my shortness would surely mark the bottom. Well, irked as I was by the rude comment, he turns out to be right, although, to the credit of my stock picks, I’m only down 0.3% in the face of a giant rally (particularly cool since I’m very leveraged).

My annoyance at the market’s sudden reversal was initially mixed with confusion, until I saw………..THIS:

As long as this guy has media attention, I’m afraid the bear market doesn’t stand a chance.

Perfect Harmony

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Some of you know I don’t go in for a lot of television. Movies, I love, and there are some I’ve seen dozens of times. But my days tend to be wake up, work/family, go to bed, without any time allocated to plop myself in front of a television set.

Some weeks ago, however, I stumbled upon the Mad Men series, and I decided to watch an episode. I knew I was in trouble, because I really liked it, and there were 7 seasons of 13 episodes each. I watched every one of them, though, sometimes at the end of the day as a treat to myself, and sometimes while going through my charts.


Think Pink

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Yesterday, for no particular reason, I fired up the original Henry Mancini Pink Panther theme. I was transported back to when I was a little kid and saw the movie on television. After the credits, I was tremendously disappointed to realize it wasn’t a full-length cartoon (back in the 70s, of course, the Pink Panther was a staple of Saturday morning cartoon shows). In any case, it’s a great song, and these must be some of the best titles ever created for any movie:

Jessie’s Girl

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You can usually tell how I’m feeling just by knowing what I have playing in the background in my home office. If I’m feeling excited and engaged about the markets, I’ll put on something like Saving Private Ryan. On the other hand, if I’m feeling dejected and depressed (98% of my life), I’ll play the 1966 documentary Salesman or the 1994 documentary Crumb.

I’ve mentioned Crumb many times here on Slope, since it is such a persistent favorite of mine (you can watch it for free by clicking here……’re welcome). I watched it again today (yep, depressed), and I took note, as I always do, of Jessie Crumb, Robert Crumb’s talented and artistic son from an earlier marriage. He always impressed me as handsome, articulate, and incredibly well-adjusted considering what a messed-up father he had.

Jessie is on the left, next to Uncle Maxon and father Robert


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