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Getting Our Arms Around the Big Issues

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Since everyone’s obsessed with the potential shutdown, let’s reflect a moment of the engines of government working right now. For instance – – although a $21 trillion debt and its suffocating interest is going utterly and completely ignored by every politician in the country………(and that doesn’t include unfunded liabilities):


We here in California at least benefit from bold leadership on the big issues.



Who Feels the Sting

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Now that the massive new tax bill has passed, I thought I’d do a little experiment with a spreadsheet to see how a hypothetical Silicon Valley, California earner might be affected. I was sure his tax bill would be higher, but I am surprised at how much higher.I wouldn’t be surprised if some people decided not to┬ástay in their homes since their tax bite is so substantial.

I will preface this by saying I’m not a tax expert, but I’ve got a pretty good understanding of taxes, and I put together a deliberately simplistic spreadsheet for this experiment. And while it may be simplistic, it still makes a powerful point, and the tiny amount of rounding error for an actual tax form won’t change the conclusion. (more…)


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I cannot remember the last time I’ve grabbed my iPad from the side of my bed in the morning, fired up thinkorswim, and actually saw red on the screen. The ES and NQ are green. Every. Single. Day.

This morning, naturally, is not exception. Concerns about the let’s-finish-raping-the-poor tax┬átravesty bubbled up yesterday, and the ES actually managed to fall a few points. Well, the chinless wonder won’t have any of that, so for no particular reason at all:



Moore On Markets

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As you all know, in a shocking upset to Trump’s power, Doug Jones beat Roy Moore in the Alabama Senatorial election last night, giving Alabama its first Democratic senator in a quarter century. This jaw-dropping surprise led to a catastrophic drop in the equity markets of about one-third of a single percentage point, followed, of course, by a complete shake-off and rebound to the green.



Tax-Cut Nothing-Burger

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Well, considering how the Republicans (a party which, even as a youngster, I considered myself a proud member of, but now believe they are disgusting, soulless, corrupt pigs) completely fucked over the 99%, one would think equities would jizz all over themselves. And they did (see green tint below). But the jizz evaporated as quickly as something-something-something to do with Mitch McConnell’s complete absence of a chin.

1202-es (more…)