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My Own Private Bubble

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As a young man, I bought my house for the same reasons most people do: I was married and wanted to raise a family there. I wanted a nice big yard so I could have dogs. I wanted room to expand. I wanted to live in a safe, quiet neighborhood. So, in 1991, I was able to do all those things. It was a stretch, but we bought a small, run-down home on a large lot in a nice neighborhood in Palo Alto.

I didn’t buy it to make money. I didn’t buy it as a speculative investment. I just wanted a place to live. And yet……….


Enchantment Awaits

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Anyone who has ever opened up a newspaper is all too familiar with the flowery language real estate agents will use to push their wares. Here in Palo Alto, with housing prices at historic highs, the thesaurus is in heavy use. Increasingly petite properties at ever-rising prices are becoming more difficult to perfume with prose.

This morning I stumbled across this beauty:

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Focus on Real Estate

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On this quiet Sunday, before what promises to be another dynamic trading week, let’s look at a few real-estate oriented ETFs. Starting off, we have the SPDR Homebuilders, which has been carving out a series of lower highs recently. As long as it stays beneath 42.86, this is still a clean downward pattern (we even “teased” a break of the topping pattern already).

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