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The Pratfall Awaits

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I honestly love this market.

Wait, Tim, what? All you have is SHORT positions, the NQ is up triple digits, every single equity futures is bright green, and every tidbit of news out there is bullish. What’s wrong with you??

Oh, plenty is wrong with me, but I still love this market. Every thing about it feels right.

To be sure, I’m pleased to have backed off yesterday. I’ve got a ton of cash and much less exposure than I did 24 hours ago. But, believe you, me, I’m going to be going in with guns a-blazin’ later today, if I can get the prices I want.

The hodgepodge of good news (much of it dreamed up out of whole cloth by China for the support of their own devastated bourses) has sent us flying to the same peak as the “Positive Developments” rally from last week.


Irony of the Year

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Although I don’t trade it myself, I just saw this admonition pop up on one of my brokerage accounts.

So let me get this straight – – a financial instrument is designed to allow people to take advantage of increase in volatility, but the moment the market gets some volatility, they suspend trading it? OK, got it. You can imagine how delighted owners of VXX must be right now, since they’re foreclosed from, ya know, taking profits.

Glaring Statistics on New Vol Bull Market

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Our Island Nation

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Even before the GOOGL/AMD earnings came out Tuesday night, the tide had turned against the bears fiercely in recent days. In the span of a single week, the world went from we’re-all-going-to-die to happy-days-are-here-again. The icing on the cake, for the bulls, was the GOOGL news, an important component of which was the high-tech breakthrough of announcing a 20-for-1 stock split.