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Internet Explorer and SlopeCharts

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Some of our fellow humans are racist. Some of them are sexist. Me? I’m browsist.

What I mean by that is that I have strong feelings and biases about browsers. I’m a Chrome user, and I see no reason to use anything else. In spite of being used by countless millions of people, Internet Explorer has long been heralded by engineers around the world as an absolute nightmare. I’ve never understood why such a popular product would be so awful, but it is.

Indeed, even back in 2002 when I was hiring for Prophet, our standard interview question was, “What kind of browser do you use?” We had agreed that IE would be an instant disqualifier. Happily, all the applicants had other answers. (At the time, Firefox was considered a very good response). (more…)

Volatility Charts are LIVE!

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Big news, everyone! SlopeCharts now has volatility charts!

Not only can it plot volatility, but it offers this data in a wide variety of parameters. As with almost all new features from now on, I’m going to do the same thing:

  1. Launch it;
  2. Get feedback;
  3. Restrict its access to paying members (this happened recently with the Earnings Reaction page, which is now exclusively for Diamond members………Slope’s fastest-growing group)

So, for the moment, this is free for any of you to use. (more…)

The Fibonacci Trio

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SlopeCharts has had Fibonacci Retracements ever since it was launched last year. Today, however, we have tripled the number of Fibonacci tools, adding both the Arc and the Fanlines. The icon still looks the same, but now when you click the seashell, you will see three tool choices.

To use any Fibonacci tool on a chart, choose the seashell icon:

Three tool choices appear which are, from left to right, price retracements, arcs, and fanlines. Click any of the three to choose that tool (or click the seashell again to deselect).


Seeing the Components

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To my way of thinking, there are three kinds of people in the world:

  1. SlopeCharts users;
  2. Recalcitrant infidels who insist on using inferior charting platforms;
  3. Those gentle souls who simply need a light to see their way to SlopeCharts

It is this third group I am particularly addressing with this post, since there are so many features in the product, it’s easy to lose sight of all there is to use and enjoy.

Today I am having an exceptionally good day with my Dow Utility put options. It occurred to me that I wasn’t acquainted with the 15 component stocks of the Utilities, and I was curious to see the stocks which comprised the index itself. SlopeCharts easily solves this problem like so: (more…)

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