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Seven Paths for SlopeCharts

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Now that we’ve got our new technical infrastructure firmly in place, we’re getting development momentum again. There will be times that one important new feature rolls out each and every day. This has been one such week.

I want you to know there are now seven distincts to make use of a chart from SlopeCharts. The most obvious, is (1) viewing it on your screen. That’s pretty much where everyone else’s charts stop. But when you right-click on the chart and present the menu, you’ll see you can also (2) download the image to your drive (3) email the chart, including an optional message (4) print it (5) push the charts to the comments stream (6) or send it to your Twitter followers. There is a number (7), however, which is:


SlopeCharts in Comments!

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I am delighted to tell you about a feature I’ve been anxious to release: SlopeCharts in Comments. What I mean by this is that you can “push” a SlopeChart, with whatever drawn objects, indicators, notes, or anything else you’ve put on it, directly into the comments stream. You can also add a remark to accompany the chart, although that isn’t required.

This just adds to the other ways you can “distribute” SlopeCharts already, including emailing, printing, and downloading.

Using this new feature is a snap. From within SlopeCharts, just click the Menu button or right-click anywhere on the chart to present the menu. You see the new choice:


The Misery Spread

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I was playing around with SlopeCharts (which, let’s face it, is about all I do with my time), and I pulled up the $MISERY index (definition: “an informal measure of the state of an economy generated by adding together its rate of inflation and its rate of unemployment.”) . I noticed how low it was, so just for fun, I overlaid it with the S&P 500 (more specifically, the SPY). I found their inverse correlation – – and in particular the historically gargantuan spread that exists between them now – – to be fascinating. Mean reversion, anyone?

Also, a handful of folks are still having some troubles with the new site (e.g. they keep getting thrown to the homepage, no matter what they do, etc.) Please, please, please – – I’m tellin’ ya – – just do a hard refresh of your browser’s cache. Honest. It has worked 100% of the time for those who have written me. Here’s that link again.


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Happy Saturday, Slopers. Although the list of fixes, improvements, and new features for Slope is numbering about 70 right now (and increasing all the time, thanks to my poolside scribbles), I wanted to highlight a few specific items that are “top of list” right now.

True Real-Time Comments: The comments section has always been the most popular part of the blog. It is active enough, and auto-updating enough, to seem almost like a live group discussion. However, we have found some pretty nasty inefficiencies in the code, and it’s actually the comments system more than anything else that’s hammering the server CPUs so badly. Very soon after the launch, we dramatically reduced the speed that comments are auto-updated, just to give the servers breathing room. However, we are taking a completely different technical approach to this so that, when we’re done, comments will be virtually instantaneously updating and the CPU load will collapse to nothing. This is, trust me, priority ONE.

+ Mobile-Friendly Comments: As nice as the comments system looks on a desktop, it becomes a wreck on a tiny mobile screen. We are going to introduce a new “mode” for comments so that buttons are much smaller and the entire layout is more mobile-friendly.

+ SlopeCharts to SocialTrade and Comments: We already had the ability to “push” a SlopeChart into SocialTrade, but we broke it during the move. That’ll give fixed. On top of that, we’re going to add a feature to push a chart directly to the comments system as well.

If there is any other show-stopper problem you’ve got, I’d like to hear it, so just click here.

Instant Gratification

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As I’m spending my Friday night looking at stock charts (isn’t that what everybody does?), I fired up a feature I had sort of forgotten about – Instant Trendlines. You can read about them here, and they are exclusively available to PLUS members. Here’s a quick clip I just made of thumbing through charts; all the lines you see were put in automatically by SlopeCharts.