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I’ve been working almost my entire life. I have done so because I have almost always been able to labor at something I love.

This web site has been my life for over thirteen years. Far longer than that, however, have been the books I have written. I wrote my first nationally-published book at the age of 16, and I am going to be releasing my 25th book in a few weeks. I consider it my finest work, and a large number of Slopers have kindly volunteered their time to proofread it (note to that group: hang in there, it’s coming).

Each of these books has been dedicated to someone important to me. I have been considering the appropriate person to whom to dedicate what I consider my latest, greatest book. Who has loomed large in my life? Who has always been there for me? And then, on Friday the 13th of all days, it hit me.

And it’s this guy:


Check Your Privilege

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As a person-who-never-stops-working, I am planning to spend on Independence Day “vacation” putting together the coolest, longest book I’ve ever written. It’s quite a project, and I’m looking forward to releasing it later this summer.

I could use your help on something, though. As you know, since I mention it every 37 seconds, the premium membership on Slope of Hope is called PLUS. After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to expand the membership offerings here. I pride myself on being creative, but I’m taking the incredibly non-creative route of naming the offerings Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, just like a zillion other companies do, and just like I did back in the days of my old company, Prophet.

Current PLUS members are going to become Slope Gold members (same price). I am offering a lower-end package called Silver as well as a higher-end package called Platinum (which includes new features I’m not talking about yet, so I’m blurred them out below). I’d like you to look at this grid and let me know any suggestions with respect to who should get what features. I am pretty sure I’ve got all the bases covered here, but I’d love to hear anything you think should be moved from one level of service to another, or a certain feature you’d be willing to pay for. I don’t ask for your help very often, so I’d really appreciate your input on this, particularly if you are, or have been, a paying member at some point. Click on the image if you need to read it a little more clearly.

Three Quick Pro Tips

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On a day when the net change in the Dow Industrials was 0.15%, a bevy of important new trading ideas doesn’t exactly leap to mind. Instead, I’d like to share a trio of suggestions for Slopers who might have overlooked or forgotten about some nice features unique to the site.

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A Faster, Cleaner Slope

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For your non-PLUS users out there, I have a huge gift. A gift which is going to cost me thousands of dollars every month personally. And the gift is: an advertising-free web site.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. Indeed, before the new site launch, my attitude had been, “All right, we’re going to crank up ads like crazy; they are going to see ads everywhere they turn!” But for a lot of reasons, I decided to go utterly the opposite direction and completely remove ads from the site.

I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this possibly foolish decision, but I think I will. I am going to focus on PLUS SUBSCRIPTIONS to the exclusion of everything else (and, importantly, ADDING FEATURES to PLUS).

For the immediate moment, however, ALL of you are enjoying a faster Slope, whose speed can immediately be seen as going from this: (more…)

Should Ads Disappear?

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For almost the entirety of Slope’s existence, there have been ads on the site. Ads have been there for a couple of reasons: (1) To generate some revenue from the folks who didn’t want to be PLUS subscribers (2) to encourage people to become PLUS subscribers, since doing so eliminates the ads from the site.

For the first time in 14 years, however, I am thinking of making the site 100% ad-free. In spite of the direct revenue loss to me personally, I am considering this seriously because (1) the revenue from ads is diminishing to the point of why-even-bother levels (2) it’s beginning to become clear to me how the hideous ads completely wreck the appearance of my beautiful site, such as this monstrosity.

, (more…)

SlopeFest Commences

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Word on the street (as well as The Strip) is that a gaggle of Slopers have gathered in Las Vegas – – an irregularly scheduled event that has gone on for many years named SlopeFest. Regrettably, because this is a graduation/end-of-school weekend for my beloved children, I am unable to attend. There will be more pictures to come, particularly tomorrow night, but The Director was kind enough to send this first snapshot (Market Sniper, AKA Dutch, is the mustachioed chap in the back).

I’ve got a huge challenge ahead of me, trying to write up anything about this god-awful market of ours, but – – this isn’t the first time I’ve had to try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.