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This is the heart and soul of the web site. Here we have literally tens of thousands of posts dating back over a decade. These are listed in reverse chronological order. You can also click on any category icon to see posts tagged with that particular category.

The Whole Schmear

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Early today, I got an email from a reader which read, in part, “May you create a video describing/showing the various features that are available under different plan? I don’t know what the features are or how they would be useful.

I initially wrote him back to say that all that information was already on the site, and a video like he was mentioning would take too long. But as I thought about it, I figured if one person is asking, there are probably plenty more who want to see this and aren’t bothering to email me about it. So I went ahead and put together an impromptu overview of the site, which I hope some of you find informative. My suspicion is that there’s a lot more on the site than many people realize.

Let’s Get Stacking!

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We were up most of the night rolling out changes and improvements to the site. Most of these will not be obvious yet, but all will be revealed in good time!

I wanted to encourage those of you who haven’t already to install the SocialTrade bookmarklet. You can find out how to do it by clicking here. It takes almost an entire second to accomplish, and all you have to do is drag a button.

Doing so will allow you to “stack” interesting charts both for your benefit and that of other Slopers. If you look at the main SocialTrade page, you can browse through tens of thousands of items already in the database. For those of you who do this already, you might consider deleting the SocialTrade bookmarklet (right-click on it) and reinstalling it, just to make sure you have the latest code from the new site.

Gold Member

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We are hard at work on another major expansion of Slope, which is the availability of multiple membership levels (as opposed to just one, Slope Plus). As a baby step in that direction, you’ll  notice the big gold “Plus” icon in the comments section is now replaced with a new look. There will be corresponding badges for Bronze, Silver, and Diamond members. Simply stated, GOLD is the new PLUS, and in the coming weeks we’ll be laying the groundwork for those other membership levels for your consideration.

MATRIX for the Win

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I want to encourage you more than ever to check out SlopeMATRIX, which is, like so many things on Slope, both free and fabulous. We have made many improvements this week, most notably with respect to speed. You’ll all notice two dropdowns now: one for your SlopeCharts lists, and another with ready-to-use symbol lists. Check it out now, especially if you are already a SlopeCharts user!

SlopeMATRIX, Take Two

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We made some improvements and changes to the new SlopeMATRIX page, which provides real time quotes for your watchlists. I intend to use it mostly for sorting the percentage column, since I’m interested in what is moving up and down the most in a given list. You can access the page from the Tools menu (or just click here), and you can control the contents of the watchlists from SlopeCharts. Please email me feedback and suggestions, since I’m eager to hear from you. Just to be clear, this is NOT a finished product, but I’m interested in early feedback.

SlopeMATRIX Alpha Launch

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Well, I can hardly believe my eyes, but at this point we have basically re-created   I seriously never would have guessed it possible.

Specifically, we now have the final piece of the puzzle on Slope, which is a streaming quote portfolio. I want to be clear this is an “alpha” type release, but you can choose SlopeMATRIX from the Tools menu and go to the new page.



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Greetings from (once again) the beautiful wine country of Northern California.

I wanted to mention again a survey a Sloper asked me to post – – please click here to do it – – it has to do with how people follow stock trends. We’re puzzled, because the last time we posted a survey, he got hundreds of responses. I posted his newest survey recently, and he didn’t get a single response, which suggests to me I screwed up somehow. Anyway, please take the time to fill it out; it’s just a survey.

Anyway – – a rather dry topic, but important, so let me do a post on it – – tucked away in a little corner of Slope is a screen that lets you control your email notifications. To get to it, click here and you’ll see something like this:

The reason I mention this it because I want you to make sure you have set yours to your liking. Some folks in the past few weeks mentioned problems with theirs, and we got this feature working shipshape. I just wanted to bring it to your attention so you can double-check your own choices.