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Ignore No More!

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As many of you know, Slope’s comments section has the rather unique feature of being able to ignore someone. While the vast majority of Slopers get along, let’s face it, sometimes there’s someone who just rubs you the wrong way. You can ignore them with a single mouse click.

However, what if you want to UN-ignore them? Maybe you ignored someone accidentally, or perhaps you’ve become best buddies with the person you used to despise. Well, I’m glad to let you know we have re-introduced the ability to reverse your decision! (more…)

Shoulda Coulda Shorted

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There is an improvement on the Woulda Shoulda Coulda page I wanted to tell you about. As many of you know, this page (which, as far as I know, has no equal on the web) lets you play “Time Machine” and enter trades from the past to see how they would have performed.

Ironically for this website, it only let you enter long positions. Now you can enter short positions. All you have to do is enter a negative number when you enter the Amount. Here are three imaginary short sales:


The Only Chart I’m Bullish

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There’s only one thing I’m bullish about, and that is Premium Memberships – – the actual chart of recent subscription numbers is shown below (with the axis label hidden, for the sake of privacy). As you can see, all the improvements are really starting to increase interest in Slope. In fact, I took this picture yesterday, and it doesn’t reflect a spike higher today. So it’s very gratifying for all the hard work I’ve put into this site.


Unadulterated Tim

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Hi Folks. I’ve been thinking of a couple of big changes to Slope lately. I wanted to get your opinion on one of those changes right now. It’ll take a full second of your time, so do me the courtesy of voting.

I was going to write some wordy preface to this, with all kinds of bluster and pontificating, but I think it’s more valuable to get a pure opinion. So the question is simply this: from now on out, would you prefer 100% of Slope’s content be written by just me, or do you like having a variety of writers? Thanks.

Options Offer to Slope Readers

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About 15 years ago, when I was running my company Prophet Financial Systems, a brilliant young man with a freshly-minted Stanford graduate degree was starting an options software company and needed live data. He came to Prophet and we established a business relationship which was positive for both parties.

That same brilliant (but now older, just like all of us!) man, Ophir Gottlieb, has gone on to create an extraordinary platform that back-tests and scans for options opportunities called CML TradeMachine Pro. Based on our long history together, Ophir has kindly offered my readers here on Slope a 40% discount on the service (which is in effect for life) by signing up here. For those of you who are options traders, I heartily urge you to check it out. Here’s a video that really walks you through it: (more…)

Home Sweet Home

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I wanted everyone to know that last night I constructed a simple home page navigation for all premium members. From now on, if you are a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond member, will direct you to a customized home page with links attuned to your level of service. And, of course, is you aren’t a premium member yet, here’s the link that explains the costs and benefits.


The Whole Schmear

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Early today, I got an email from a reader which read, in part, “May you create a video describing/showing the various features that are available under different plan? I don’t know what the features are or how they would be useful.

I initially wrote him back to say that all that information was already on the site, and a video like he was mentioning would take too long. But as I thought about it, I figured if one person is asking, there are probably plenty more who want to see this and aren’t bothering to email me about it. So I went ahead and put together an impromptu overview of the site, which I hope some of you find informative. My suspicion is that there’s a lot more on the site than many people realize.

Let’s Get Stacking!

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We were up most of the night rolling out changes and improvements to the site. Most of these will not be obvious yet, but all will be revealed in good time!

I wanted to encourage those of you who haven’t already to install the SocialTrade bookmarklet. You can find out how to do it by clicking here. It takes almost an entire second to accomplish, and all you have to do is drag a button.

Doing so will allow you to “stack” interesting charts both for your benefit and that of other Slopers. If you look at the main SocialTrade page, you can browse through tens of thousands of items already in the database. For those of you who do this already, you might consider deleting the SocialTrade bookmarklet (right-click on it) and reinstalling it, just to make sure you have the latest code from the new site.

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