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Slum Your Way Into Riches

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As a younger man, I truly believed that those individuals who didn’t have the drive and intellect to hack it in the world of free enterprise were relegated to low-paying, boring jobs in government. Whether city, state, or federal, I figured the dullest among us would wind up with a direct-deposit paycheck from some bureaucracy and just slum their lives away with a steady diet of paperwork, fast food, and watching tee-vee at night.

How wrong I was! The City of Palo Alto makes clear that it’s ME who is the moron and the clerks in city hall that are banking coin! What a fool I was.

And I know we’re all supposed to get misty-eyed at these “civil servants”, especially police officers and firefighters, who hang out at the station house risk their lives every day on our behalf, but I’m sorry, when a fuckin’ firefighter is getting a third of a million bucks a year, the world’s gone wrong.

Time to Buy Everything

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Let’s be reasonable. When faced with the choice of either:

(a) being part of the crowd, enjoying life, and participating happily in the social norm……..


(b) sitting in a corner talking to yourself about what’s wrong with the world………..

What would YOU rather be doing? Those who know me can already guess my answer. Tim “devil-may-care, man-about-time, bon-vivant” would absolutely be in group (a), which this fine young scholar illustrates is the superior choice:


The Hideous Glasses Aren’t Helping

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I did my first Kicked in the Spectacles post on October 14 2017 and followed up with a second (which, in a not-very-creative moment, I gave the same title) on April 26 of this year. Although I am not privy to details of how these goddamned hideous things are selling to idiot millennials, something tells me that this product launch is another utter catastrophe and is hastening the day that SNAP is a single digit stock (whose digit, one day in the future, may well be $0).

Thus, Evan Spiegel’s company has DESTROYED $25 billion shareholder value (with $13 billion to go). But it’s not like this is going unpunished. Evan is still a MULTI BILLIONAIRE and is forced……….FORCED, I tell you!…… go to bed with his gold-digging wife every single night, shown below. So it’s not like retail bagholders who were taken in by this disaster can’t take comfort about Evan’s desperate, heart-rending situation.

California Wingnuts

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About a week ago, tens of millions of thick printed election information guides were mailed to every household in California, including mine. I have no idea what it costs the state to create this thing, but I suspect something approaching a hundred million dollars. The purpose of these things is, ostensibly, for people to carefully study the propositions on the June ballot as well as the candidates for the various government posts (Federal Senator, California Governor, Treasurer, and so forth).

California is a famously progressive state, but thumbing through this book, I am always struck by some of the – – shall we say – – more fringe candidate that somehow have made their way into this publicly-funded publication. Here are a few………..

We begin with Jerry Laws, whose entire platform and campaign for the Senate can be expressed in merely a single word: (more…)

Enchantment Awaits

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Anyone who has ever opened up a newspaper is all too familiar with the flowery language real estate agents will use to push their wares. Here in Palo Alto, with housing prices at historic highs, the thesaurus is in heavy use. Increasingly petite properties at ever-rising prices are becoming more difficult to perfume with prose.

This morning I stumbled across this beauty:

homer (more…)