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You’ve probably heard the hackneyed expression that you can judge someone based on how much you’d like to have a beer with them. This phrase became famous with George W. Bush, since it was often used as the explanation for his victory (via the Supreme Court) over Al Gore. The “likability” factor became the key to whether someone should lead us or not.

In my own life, I’ve always had a different metric which, for lack of a better term, I’ll just called the alone-on-an-island factor. In other words, I judge a person based on my prospects with them if we were shipwrecked on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Would they be a hindrance or a liability? Could I count on them? Would they kill me when I am asleep? In other words, in a society of TWO people, can the society behave with decency, harmony, and camaraderie?

One of the reasons I dedicated my latest book to Dutch is because he passes the “island” test with flying colors. I would hope that any of you, faced with the prospect of be stranded on an island with another human, would perceive me as a person of integrity and ingenuity and would likewise ascent to occupying the aforementioned dot in the sea with me, were we forced to do so. (more…)


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In spite of a rather wide audience – -and particularly in spite of my role as a professional polemicist – – I get very, very few unwelcome emails or tweets. On rare occasions, however, I do. Recently, for instance, I got this email in response to my suggestion of Overstock as an interesting short idea. I think this same guy has written me nettlesome missives in the past, but I make it a habit not to be rattled by anyone with a Yahoo account.

I’ve always had contempt for Overstock, particularly since their CEO seems obsessed with bear-bashing. I just wanted to present what OSTK has done since I got the aforementioned middle finger raised at me via an anonymous email.

Heads, Shoulders, and Feet

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I’m no Luddite. All my life, I have enthusiastically embraced great new technology. Macintosh in early 1984. My first Tesla in 2011. Netflix in the 1990s. Google in 1997. Amazon during their earliest days. I know good technology when I see it. Hell, the book I wrote in 1982 predicted with breathtaking accuracy the Internet and its implications. So I’m not some old man chasing kids away from his lawn with a cane. I know tech.

Yet I’ve always felt the need to piss all over the crypto scene. Cryptos are a solution in search of a problem. The best they were able to conjure up was that Ethereum was going to be the way that everyone created contracts. Uh-huh. Let’s check in to see how the Ethereum revolution is going.


Where’s the Outrage?

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James: Hey, Tim, do you want to know how to make a small fortune from cryptocurrencies?

Tim: Sure, James, how DO you make a small fortune from cryptocurrencies?

James: Start with a large fortune!

{rim shot}

Tonight, as I’m watching the crypto space continue to do what it has been doing for the entirety of 2018 – – that is, fall in value – – I am reminded of those ads which absolutely flooded the Internet late in 2017. Surely you saw them. There were dozens of flavors of this ad, but they all pretty much looked like these: (more…)