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Tim Knight
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TradeMachine Pro is an award-winning product from CMLViz, founded by someone I’ve known since the 1990s, Ophir Gottlieb. Ophir was my first commercial customer back in the days of Prophet, and even back then, he was focused on options analytics.

He went on to found a thriving company called CMLViz, whose flagship product is TradeMachine Pro, which is specifically geared toward generating ideas for options traders. He has also kindly offered Slope of Hope readers a deeply discounted price (a little more than one-third off) which you can access here. 

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I'd be curious if anyone has had experience with this and what they think of it.  I've had it queued up for quite some time and love the idea of the discount, but I just can't quite pull the trigger.  I'm not sure if I'd use it enough and consistently to get the money out of it.