CryptoStream Quotes and Portfolio

The CryptoStream page, available to all paying members on Slope, provides real-time streaming quotes on all the important cryptocurrencies. The price data updates in real time, and each row highlights whenever there is a price change.

You can also click the title of any of the columns to sort it by the values of that column. This is an easy way to instantly see the biggest gainers and losers of the day, for example.

It initially displays the symbols with the largest market caps, but you can continue to increase the quantity shown by clicking the More Symbols button. Once you get your first set of additional symbols, the Fewer Symbols button is also made available.

If there are some symbols which are so important that you would like them persistently displayed (such as giants Bitcoin and Ethereum, or perhaps a coin of particular importance to you personally), you can pin them to the top of the list. That way, no matter what symbols you are looking at or how you are sorting the symbols, the most important symbols that you’ve pinned will steadfastly remain at the very top, where you can look at them instantly. Just right-click the symbol to make that choice.

In the upper-right portion of the screen are the CryptoStream and Portfolio Mode buttons. These let you switch back and forth between these two modes. The default mode, CryptoStream, is designed to monitor the market and look for the biggest up and down moves. The Portfolio Mode is intended for your own personal profits and losses for your own crypto trading.

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