Dual Charts

SlopeCharts has the ability to show two separate price charts, each with their own independent price axis. This feature is available exclusively to Gold and Diamond users. You can upgrade your membership to get immediate access by clicking here.

Using it is a snap – – just enter the two symbols you want to chart, separated by a comma (such as AMZN,TSLA):


Once you click Go or press Enter, voila, you get both charts on top of one another, each of them color coded. Also note that the data line is doubled, so you can see the open, high, low, and close information for each date of both symbols. In the chart example below, everything blue is related to TSLA (as you can see from the data line), and everything black is for AMZN.


Here’s another example, overlaying the $VIX with the SPY (you can see how the $VIX has been smothered to death over the past eight years as the blue SPY line has soared relentlessly higher).


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