Brushing It Off

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I’ve decided to start my novel again.

Although I’ve written dozens of books, and even a screenplay, I’ve never written a novel in my life. Some months ago, I made an earnest attempt to write one. As I started the second chapter, I got cold feet. I was worried I simply couldn’t do it. So I set it aside for a long while.

But I’ve decided to take another stab at it. It’s utterly unfamiliar territory to me, and there sheer organization of the thing is what I’ve been grappling with tonight.

I’ll share with you the one page the precedes even the first chapter. It is a simple vignette, and it is in no way directly related to the content of the book. But perhaps sharing this tiny morsel will give me the courage or incentive to press on. I have a lot to say in this book. I just don’t know if I have the talent to say it properly.