SlopeCharts Exclusives

The SlopeCharts platform on this site is a free charting product for everyone, but the best features are exclusive to premium subscribers. Here are the features available only to subscribers:

  • Automatic Trendlines, saving trouble and uncertainty of figuring out where to place supporting and resisting trendlines on a chart;
  • Future Trend projection, which uses historical price and seasonal data to illustrate an idealized price path for two years into the future, including the ability to show how accurate these projections would have been in the past
  • Ability to share watchlists and charts with other users and view the charts of others;
  • Custom Symbol Charts – allowing entry of symbols as simple mathematical formulas;
  • Sectors-Based Filtering – permitting access to nearly 500 sector categories;
  • Access to massive economic database with tens of thousands of years of data
  • Dual Charts – compare symbols simultaneously, each with their own price scale;
  • Larger Data Set – with data going back many for decades more than other users get;
  • Instant trendlines – an option that creates ready-made trendlines for each chart shown;
  • Supercharged “pre-loading” of data for nearly instantaneous chart retrieval, thousands of percent faster than normal loading
  • Earnings date mode, which are especially powerful for options traders
  • Ability to show non-adjusted data
  • View earnings information directly on the SlopeChart
  • Continuous Futures Contracts – such items as gold, wheat, the S&P 500, silver, and others with hundreds of years of back data

And premium subscribers enjoy many other benefits besides all of these. Sign up today!

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