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In Dodd We Trust

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What is it with Texas politicians and the banking industry?

I thought Texans were supposed to be all about cattle and oil. Yet over the decades it seems like they are first in line, shoving themselves even in front of New Yorkers, to provide whatever aid, assistance, and comfort that big banks require. It’s bizarre.

The most famous example, of course, being the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999, championed by this genius:

When public “servants” are whoring themselves out to any particular industry, they couch it in the mask of freedom and progress. This was no exception, as Senator Gramm said at the time: (more…)

Hidden Gems

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As I go through the site again and again (and again), I’m reminded there are some pages that probably none of you have ever bothered checking out. I’d therefore like to bring these “front and center” for once for the more curious among you (click on the name go to check it out):

  • Culture of Slope: A series of fun videos I made around the time of the financial crisis about Slope, Slopers, and our culture.
  • Earnings Date Charts: Those oh-so-spiffy charts that options traders in particular will enjoy.
  • Prophet’s Tale: The story of my former company, Prophet, and its creation.
  • SlopeCharts Video Tutorials: Some quick, fun, educational videos about using SlopeCharts effectively.
  • Activity Page: Who needs the Facebook news feed? You’ve got Slope’s!