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Seeing the Components

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To my way of thinking, there are three kinds of people in the world:

  1. SlopeCharts users;
  2. Recalcitrant infidels who insist on using inferior charting platforms;
  3. Those gentle souls who simply need a light to see their way to SlopeCharts

It is this third group I am particularly addressing with this post, since there are so many features in the product, it’s easy to lose sight of all there is to use and enjoy.

Today I am having an exceptionally good day with my Dow Utility put options. It occurred to me that I wasn’t acquainted with the 15 component stocks of the Utilities, and I was curious to see the stocks which comprised the index itself. SlopeCharts easily solves this problem like so: (more…)

Desperate for Another Hit

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I rarely glance at my Facebook, but this morning I did and a friend of mine was asking if anyone got “lucky” with TLRY. In case you haven’t heard all the chatter, Tilray is a Canadian marijuana company which has become the newest darling of MOMO stock traders.

This struck me as interesting, because the last time this same friend mentioned a stock that I had never heard of before was a few months back when she mentioned IQ, “the Netflix of China”. I’m not going to bother drawing an arrow at the place where she drew my attention to it, but look for the highest point of the graph, and you’ve nailed it. The stock is down about 50% since then.


The Letter of the Day

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Since it appears the loftiest thing the citizens of the United States can seem to discuss is either

(a) which Mario Kart character the POTUS’ wanger most closely resembles; or

(b) whether or not two felt puppets are actually gay or not (see image to the right)

Then I guess I’d better just repeat what I did yesterday and sing The Alphabet Song. Or, more precisely, share with you what I thought were interesting charts as I thumbed through my ETF watch list from A to Z. Some will be repeats from yesterday, and some others will not.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the action on Tuesday. Although I’ve been through enough disappointment to not get excited about a big double-digit drop on both ES and NQ during nighttime trading, even I wasn’t cynical enough to think that ratcheting up the trade war would actually push markets to lifetime highs in some cases. And yet that’s precisely what happened.

So here we go again.

First off we have commodities, by way of DBA. In spite of oil’s crazy strength in recent months, my view is that commodities in general are more inclined to weakness than continued strength for the balance of the year. (more…)

Changing of the Guard

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If we can take a break from the massive trade wars (and, umm, the dreadful damage it’s clearly doing to equity markets), I thought this bit was amusing. It shows actual footage of the changing of the guards at Arlington, except enhanced a bit with audio. The visuals are totally authentic. The sounds just make it funny.

Pre-Earnings Options Trades

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Note from Tim: The Director and I are making baby steps toward giving the Slope of Hope a full-fledged options-oriented “site within a site”. I’ll be focusing my tools development in this area, and The Director is going to be ramping up his post contributors, including some exclusive Gold/Diamond-only posts later this week. We hope you enjoy this new direction, because I’ve been quite impressed at how many Diamond signups we’ve been getting lately (which is going to be “options central” on the site).

First up is BBBY (Bed Bath and Beyond, Earnings 9/26 after close). This has been a relatively dismal stock in last few years, as retail decay continues. We can see that earnings reports have likewise started to languish in the last few years (reminder: you can get Reaction Graphs here).