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coffee-testing-14-year-support-with-few-bulls-may-21.jpg (1567×736)

Coffee ready to perk up? Testing 14-year support


TK, upon clicking the social trade images it shows the recent album and then I have to select the correct image, it automatically doesn't load up the clicked image from the comments. 
I have to click open in a new tab to view it properly each time. 5/21/18
am long coffee and sugar last friday, via BJO, SGGB, sugar is up a lot more than coffee, what's the news? guess sugar goes well with coffee? I just drink black... 5/21/18
I remember when coffee went so high, people were boycotting it and drinking tea. This was way back during the inflation that was painfully tamed by Paul Volker. 5/21/18
Airplane: I like my coffee black, like my men. 
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@ Preacher, same here. I like the old SocialTrade interface better but I'm trying to be patient while TK & team work out the kinks. 5/21/18