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Price of booze consumed at home - it has taken 35 years for it to double.

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Mr. WizardMr. Wizard
I used to buy a bunch of liquor every year, and I started tracking how much I paid for it. Kept all the receipts and made up an Excel sheet. Gave up after 10 years because the price didn't change. Most of the stuff was the same price, to the penny. 4/21/19
Professor DoomfingerProfessor Doomfinger
My hypothesis is that all the booze and junk food just slowly inches forward in price, while the price of healthy foods (fruits, veggies, etc) will show a more accelerated rate of change. It's all there in Tim's data. Health care and college tuition are a whole other ballgame of course. It blows my mind when I see how cheap a 30 pack of mass market beer is. 4/21/19