View: 2019-Revision-–-World-Population-Growth-1700-2100.png (1280×912)

2019-Revision-–-World-Population-Growth-1700-2100.png (1280×912)

Thank GOD. Too many people anyway.


A fantastic looking Gaussian distribution in the making that would have us back down to around 2 billion people by about 2300. That is of course barring the Armageddon scenario discussed behind closed doors at slopefest. 6/20/19
Baby BearBaby Bear
Nobel Peace Price recipient Linus Pauling did a study with David Hawkins, where they concluded that the resources of the planet are able to support a population equal to that of 1955 (which according to a quick internet search was about 2.8 bio). 6/20/19
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