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Food costs surging


JBlo is a gonna get right on that and build it back better. 11/5/21
Baby BearBaby Bear
Glad I'm fully stocked on Avocado, Olive and Coconut Oils. 11/5/21
Deadcatsbounce 2025Deadcatsbounce 2025
I went on my weekly stocking up run today and many things are disappearing from the shelves. It could be just a end of week thing due to our remote location. One guy who was leaving another register had 2 shopping carts filled with TP and PT with a couple other small items thrown in. 11/5/21
Deadcatsbounce 2025Deadcatsbounce 2025
I shock my head and took my 150lbs of rice, pasta and beans home. 11/5/21
Bruised ReedBruised Reed
Input costs are surging: fertilizer, diesel/gas, repair parts, and seed.  
In the years ahead, inflation (of the money supply) will result in most people spending much of their income on food and energy. 11/5/21