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FDX_short any kb to 192 or so.jpg

Uaetrader <-- thinks FDX is a short at any kickback to about 192 - 193 level in the next few days. Earnings are out and reacted, so maybe it drifts lower now. first Target lower is 180 fib; Stop on the upside may be 195ish.


Uaetrader <-- trying to short at open today Mar31 around Mar30 close 194.17 w/ stop at 196.17; target to swing down 185 area. 3/31/17
Uaetrader <-- is short FDX @ 194.38 now; see how it goes. 3/31/17
Uaetrader <-- no longer excited to short FDX which has blown up to 199.17 today Apr5, Sheesh. 4/5/17