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20170730_rv.jpg (581×331)

And what’s the first thing you sell when you lose your job and your stocks are tanking? That very same RV. Which makes new RV sales a useful indicator of our place in the business cycle.


Retirees, who are By FAR the bigliest factor here, don't give a flying F about the market. They've go discretionary coin banked already, and they're not afraid to use it to enjoy the life. Chart looks more like a macro moneyflow chart to me than anything else. 7/30/17
Except during the last crash people were losing their houses and moving into their RV's and in some cases cars. Wonder if the slowdown in the automotive sector is impacting the RV market? If so that could be a good place to fish for shorts. HD (Harley Davidson) sales are another decent economic indicator. THO is a large RV manufacturer - the stock peaked at 115 in FEB and now is at 105 looking quite topped out. lower-wall-street-sell-recommendation 7/30/17
buy buy buy new bull 7/31/17