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Bearish tonight, Russell futures (new CME futures)


Doktor MartingaleDoktor Martingale
@The Director 
Does /TF get delisted? 7/30/17
The DirectorThe Director
No but it's not accessible to retail traders (ICE exchange) 7/30/17
Strawberry BlondeStrawberry Blonde
Good to know I can access Russell 2000 emini futures again on my TOS charts...thanks for the heads up, Director! +1! :-) 
So, looking at my 60 min chart of /RTY, I'd say that if price drops & holds below 1424.70, we could see a nice pullback, OR, if price rallies & holds above 1432.90, we could see a breakout to new highs. My reasons are based on my proprietary tools, which I can't, unfortunately, show on this chart...of course, I'm not always right. TOS_CHARTS_FTqoTf_m.png
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The DirectorThe Director
Awesome :) 7/30/17