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P/l chart 
Added call as hedge - dip but no risk to upside 
Break even is 129, get out if crosses 131 strike. 
Can also be done with /RTY futures to avoid overnight risk


The DirectorThe Director
Small movements do not hurt the trade- only movements over 7% to the downside do, and you can hedge if in a futures position overnight before exiting in the morning 9/9/17
The DirectorThe Director
94% chance of being higher than 129 before oct 20 9/9/17
The trade does not look like it really starts paying off well until IWM is in excess of 155? Is this correct? 9/9/17
The DirectorThe Director
If above 129 or so it will be profitable. Would get out no later than oct 11. Profit range realistically is about 1000-2000 unless goes up to 142-146 range and profit will be smaller (c $300-500) 9/9/17
The DirectorThe Director
The combination of butterfly and calendar spreads in the 1 std deviation zone is really powerful.. need to tinker with the models some more 9/10/17