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pub-second-largest-state_enl.jpg (3300×2548)

What the runner-up religiion is in various parts of the country. Jesus!


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Jesus runs with BEARS 10/12/17
You've probably got Malcolm X to thank for a lot of that. Find it hard to believe that people of his own faith assassinated him. 10/12/17
Only real thing surprising there is the amount of Buddhaheads. And apparently, there are more jews in America than any other country including Israel, but that isn't really a surprise. 
http://www.age-of-the-sage. org/mysticism/World_religions_pie_chart.png
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....AND I bet if atheism was considered as a religion, that map would look a LOT different. 10/12/17
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Judaism disappearing, Islam on the rise. (Jews marrying Christians, descendants usually atheist or Christian). Muslims don’t assimilate generally 10/12/17