Recent: Dow-and-SPX-X-marks-the-spot-of-resistance-march-7-1.jpg (1564×685)

Dow-and-SPX-X-marks-the-spot-of-resistance-march-7-1.jpg (1564×685)

“X” marks the spot that bulls should be watching!


It's carrying a crucifix up slope. It's going higher before it gets crucified. History repeating itself. 3/7/18
David DubiousDavid Dubious
TK: apologies for the basic question but in slopecharts how does one eliminate lines one has drawn on a chart so as to start over? I know there is a "hide" function, but I need to a do-over.  
Thanks in advance 3/7/18
David put your mouse cursor over the line and right click it. You should see editing choices including "delete". 3/9/18