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ES 06-18 (Daily) 2_19_2018 - 4_10_2018.jpg

A question for you technical chartists. Is the trendline technically broken because the line is going through today's candle? Or is it still in play if it closes under it today?


not until ..momentum kicks in ... 4/10/18
its broken but needs to close above always a lot of stops at tls. buys on res tls and sells on supp tls, the houses that take the other side of our trades, our brokerage houses can see them, so run thru the stops , set off the buy orders, sell into them and then drop and profit 4/10/18
X1000 what ammo just said; best way to counter this is to do your buying after 3:30 PM or even later if you are a medium-term trader like me; from my experience, shorting can be a crapshoot as far as timing 4/10/18