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$DJW (Dow Jones Global Index):


Thanks @TK - wedges wedges wedges 
/cl here is the Bloomberg Andy Hall interview link. shale-has-oil-prophets-groping-in-dark-video 
Answers some questions regarding EIA releases, supply/demand etc. ENJOY This is the one I spoke about on the last post. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <-- did say Stolen :) LOL 12/13/18
Since @MS continues to delete comments. Perhaps historical will provide some insights to @MS. 
Sorry @TK, your moderator is awful. 
OBVIOUSLY @MS DOUCHEBAG has spoken. Similar to your Commander in "CHIEF" (The blind following the blind)  
No disrespect for our veterans. Just the Toe Stub POTUS.  
Thanks @TK  
@MarketSniper said on previous thred '"I looked up Deep State Corruption in the dictionary and there was shithead Mueller's picture. Butt buddy of Whitey Bulger. Very corrupt individual."  
AND a bunch of continuous POTUSDumbass White National Right Wing Conservative Nutjob comments.  
@MS CLOWN should be banned for blindly following one of the worst POTUS our Union has ever had.  
Perhaps @MS LYING is similar to Trumps (Trump's Toupee and @MS Stash are very telling). We have vast experience with Real Estate Developers/Brokers/Agents (Including many Boards of Realtors) which explains why Trump/Cohen/MarketSniper/BOR continue the HOAX.  
Is @MS still buying $TRX? $0.25 and $0.00 are not too far away.  
How long is @MS going to watch FFN? Short double top $FOXA (Murdick is very similar to @MS)  
It's Mueller Time and Impeachment is just around the corner. Imagine if POTUS Bill and FLOTUS Hillary were caught in the cookie jar, like CHUMP? Apparently today FLOTUS Marlene approval rating has dashed lower than Chumps. (︶︿︶)  
(Yes she does have a nice rack on her ;-)  
Take it Mr. PEANUT: com/watch?v=x5QlC632ynM&list=PLiZxWe0ejyv-F_uPeR8rfzPSMFsor7puu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) video-review.html#c2896753  
1SexyStud ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) has spoken. Sandbox /OFF 12/13/18
With a handle like that, you kinda don't need to post to make your position known 12/13/18