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f you look really hard at the chart you may notice the one "asset" in the world that 'agrees' with US equities... and given the hawkish hammering from Carney, Poloz, Drgahi, Yellen, Williams, Harker, and Fischer, what do you think happens next?


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I dont understand what this chart is saying, exactly. Would you please explain further, Tim? 6/28/17
Booboo, Degrowth Defined →Booboo, Degrowth Defined →
11:10 News Bot: Goldman Sachs on the Fed: Is the Fed making a policy error? 
There has been a theme in financial markets that the Fed is making a “hawkish” policy error, given the recent moves seen (flattening) in the yield curve. 
If Fed officials reject the idea that they are making a policy error then Goldman Sachs says it is unlikely they will try to talk up the 10-year rate. And, while the FOMC prefer that its policy actions are mostly priced in when taken, officials are usually less concerned that long-run market interest rates – which reflect many factors besides clarity about the reaction function – conform to their own views. 
(Goldman Sachs) 6/28/17 6/28/17
Grey line shows central banks entered liquid goo phase in 2009 and stocks like liquid goo 6/28/17
It's from Zero Hedge. It's designed to misinform you. 6/28/17
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I was i am reading this, Nasdaq likely due for firm hammering?  
Is this what you are seeing? 6/28/17
The Nasdaq has gone up in lockstep with the G3 collective balance sheet. Therefore, a contraction in the collective balance sheet would result in a corresponding decline in the Nasdaq and equities more broadly. 6/28/17
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The commodity decline is said to be because of china's forcing cos out of commodities for belt tightening. Possible correlation with rise of cryptos? 7/4/17
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Great post 7/4/17