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Where is the Wizard? 

Our triangle just got bigger. We could mess around in that thing until September. 

Unless Tether blows up. 

Let's hope.

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Mr. WizardMr. Wizard
Hey, I'm here! 
Was looking at btc and eth yesterday. Every breakout, up or down, has failed, spectacularly, with price immediately jumping back into the pennant (that of course isn't really a pennant anymore). 
It's the oddest thing. 
And it doesn't even look like a trading range, either. Just odd. 6/19/21
Mr. WizardMr. Wizard
And one good thing about your new, bigger, triangle, it fixes the problem of too many touches of the boundary lines. The one you draw now has four touches, two up, two down. 4 or 5 touches is best. 6/19/21
Got a fractal going too if you have some imagination. Week or so to play out and we get the answer... 6/19/21