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Another new record in noncommercial net shorts in $VIX futures: Expect zombie-like action until a geopolitical catalyst shocks the market out of historic complacency. That could come as soon as next week.


The DirectorThe Director
This is not good. Vix going to 20 and we have a global 2008 meltdown again, with liquidity disappearing. It won't matter that VIX is 90, you won't be able to sell! 10/13/17
VIX shorts have been minting $ nearly all year. The inverse derivatives have been hitting new ATH's for days. I have been trying find less expensive ways to hedge SVXY at present gave up and put a wide stop loss on the OCT 72 calls. One day the VIX short trade will end badly but when??? 10/13/17
The DirectorThe Director
Long VIX, put credit spreads 10/13/17
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Do not try to 2nd guess @TK retail seasonality this upcoming holiday season. XRT (If in doubt, see header post ^^^  
Halloween is coming) 
"Buy XRT 40.29 39.59 sold (loss) 
Short IYT 179.67 179.35 sold (profit)" 10/13/17