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What is 'odd' about this pre-J-Hole euphoric move in stocks is that investors remain full of "fear"...


Mr. WizardMr. Wizard
I'm not sure how to interpret sentiment any more. 
That "fear" has been a hallmark of this bull for months, with only a little break here and there. People are scared that the rug could be pulled at any moment, but feel they have to stay invested. 8/25/21
I will say that Tom has been dealing with dueling forecast models this year to time a correction in either Aug/Sept or in Nov. It appears the Nov model is going to win out, IMO. If that indeed turns out to be the case, the latter model is forecasting a major rise in stocks, possibly a blowoff, during Sept/Oct, and then a big fall in Nov. 
/CL and interest rates are still forecasted to rise dramatically into next spring. 8/25/21
"Wall of worry" 8/25/21