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ECYT: potential long position. Breakout was on relatively low volume so there may be some pullback to breakout line but you never know. See: molecule-drug-conjugates-imaging-platform-is- undervalued 
Endocyte's small molecule drug conjugates (SMDC) + imaging platform has the potential to change the targeted, oncology space. Promising clinical trials, investment from large pharma (Merck), recent recognition from analysts, and commitment to new indications reinforce Endocyte's position as the industry leader in the SMDC + imaging space. My current valuation for Endocyte is $869 million, or $24 a share, 89% upside from current levels. My valuation comes from $176 million in cash ($5/share), $353 million from the ovarian vintafolide/etarfolatide program ($10/share), and $340 million from the NSCLC vintafolide/etarfolatide program ($9/share). I will provide and discuss my valuation in a future article.” 7/7/13