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Useful IdiotUseful Idiot
$213,OOO annually for the Frisco area ? 
How does anyone stay alive ? 9/25/18
Cheap, by San Jose standards . . . 
And I thought Republicans were greedy bastards. Lookit the cities with the highest numbers -- all blue. 9/25/18
Indianapolis is dirt cheap and a nice little city too.  
Weird thing down there is most of the women I met had at least one kid by the time they were 20 (this was in the 80's). 9/25/18
That's why they call it the land of the 50 year old roommate. I did 9 years there on two stints. My second time around I had just completed B School. I was making a very nice salary and was rubbing pennies together. I had a better lifestyle as a student with no income. I got out as quick as I could and havent looked back. 9/25/18
That map is way off tho. You're not going to find a decent house in Chicagoland for 54K. You're going to pay more like 150 to 200K for a typical ranch house in a decent neighborhood. 9/25/18
That's how much you have to make to afford the house. 4X that for the house . . . 9/25/18
The DirectorThe Director
Austin surprisingly expensive 9/25/18