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If you happen to be a taxpayer, it may be unsettling to see your share of the government’s debt reaching $150,000 in two years and then doubling every 10-20 years thereafter


ZeroPointMind ΦZeroPointMind Φ
I plan on defaulting on my share by dying. I would bury my PMs in a dung heap if it weren't for the fact that's where politicians live. I'm currently pleading with God to let me take it with me, maybe Heaven can use a few more roads. 8/28/13
ZPM: In heaven the roads are paved with bacon. 8/28/13
what a scary chart .. wonder why people like Suze Orman (the "do not buy more stuff if you have debt" queen) does not speak up about this .. 8/28/13
Clearly the largest component to the problem is Congress doing what it always does. Perhaps euthanizing congress would be a viable alternative.... Oh wait, isn't that kind of the libertarian approach ? 8/29/13