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Congrats Nevada! Thanks @PipeSticks Next stop AZ  
@TK Great story. Congrats to the Young Knight ᕙ༼*◕_◕*༽ᕤ, pats for the 4 legged creatures and the chicks too.  
@MS the obnoxious continues "That was the choice in 2016 and from the looks of things, could well be the choice again in 2020. I shudder to think where we would be now with the hilldog in charge." Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi 2019  
@MS if you love $TRX @ $0.65 you are really going to love $TRX @ $0.25 /gc below $1200.00 how's that new stack feel now? DOUCHEBAG \_(")_/  
@MS said "One shot to the head" Is @MS a NAZI, Homophobic, Anti-Semitic or just a dumb white Nationalist such as POTUSshithole and pussygrabingwife FLOTUS Melania with the other Right Wing 'Conservative' fundamentalist A*holes inhabiting the GOP in the 201* cycle. WTF. @MS continual DENIAL of the conspiracy of SOH, has totally eliminated ANY BiPartisan conversation here. @TK has now commissioned 'open hunting' on anyone that does not conform to a Right Wing Religious Conservative ag


Too close to call that race. 11/12/18
edgar orantesedgar orantes
Says a lot about the path of GDP in those areas, too, not just the asset purchases. Only area really growing GDP is the US, as the Fed's book has only declined a little. 11/12/18
Can you knock it off already. MS doesn't need any defending, but enough with your jabs already. Slope is a place of free speech and Tim doesn't pull a Twiiter, FB, or GOOG by using communistic tactics to stifle free speech. Put him on ignore if you can't handle opposing views. 11/13/18
Please stop. 11/13/18