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10-year-yield-up-88-percent-in-80-weeks-is-it-enough-feb-6.jpg (969×640)

1SexyStud has been asked to leave by our host and knowledgeable well intention @MarketSniper. 

$XLE $OLH /cl 

1SexyStud can't help it. 

Yes, it's an addiction. Good Lush folks!  

@TimKnight thanks for all you do. 
Your funny mustache bud. Not so much. ლ ✿ ღღ ლ ✿ ღღ  



Thank you for posting these, Mr. Knight. 
So you do look at more than one thing before making choices...I shut up and quit taking up the band width. 
Day shift , take it away. 
I'm done. 2/10/18