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Theter/bitcoin drama/fud 

BTC dilemma: wait for the drama to be proven right or wrong or speculate now because of FOMO 

Sorry but I hope bitfinex'ed is right and cryptos are gonna experience a bear market (a CRYTO BEAR MARKET)


BTC just had its bear market the other day down 20% for a few minutes and is already heading back for ATHs. Crypto bear markets will only last minutes. The new normal so to speak. 12/1/17
The DirectorThe Director
Yeah 8-9 k was a dip 
Jbtfd 12/1/17
guys... 20% isn't what I would call a crypto bear market ;) 
Maybe I'll try a lottery ticket if I see blood in the streets. Otherwise I don't care if I miss 12/1/17